Metal Shutter House, Shigeru Ban

524 West 19th Street
West Chelsea, New York.
2010, Shigeru Ban.

It’s a condominium of 9 duplex with a retail space on the ground floor.
The apartments have openings and views on both the main street and the rear of the building, each apartment expanding on the length (with the vertical circulation at the middle of the plan), making it easier for air flow but mostly for the entry of natural light. Each living room and loggia are of double-height for this purpose but also to open the apartments to the city of New York.
The smartest feature of this building is the façade made of motorized perforated metal shutters to allow the regulation of light and also privacy. The loggia located just behind them occupy the same function as corridors in traditional japanese houses, as they are intermediate spaces, inside the apartment and outside at the same time.

Penthouse and rooftop plans

Metal-Shutter-Houses-2_exterior Metal-Shutter-Houses-1_exterior  Metal-Shutter-Houses-Shigeru-Ban-lowerlevel Metal-Shutter-Houses-Shigeru-Ban-upperlevelMetal-Shutter-Houses-Shigeru-Ban-600x430 metal-shutter-houses-3_exterior Capture d’écran 2015-10-13 à 10.50.53 PM


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