The Cashew: Adaptive Re-Use Bar in the Heart of Kansas City

I knew it was some kind of nut…

The cashew was opened in 2005 in a previously vacant building. Located in the middle of the Crossroads District and near Crown Center, the four story building has been transformed into a thriving cocktail spot with great bar food (yes, you should try it). The first two floors serve the bar and restaurant and the upper two floors are rentable event space. The bar has a great outdoor patio space as well. It really connects with the street scape. Go by this place anytime on a weekend, afternoon late into the evening, this place is thriving. If you want to see a building engage with the street and the city, check this place out when you are in the Crossroads.

My favorite part about this building is the operable facade. Where there were windows across the sides, they installed glass garage doors. The majority of the time, these doors are rolled up, creating large openings with beautiful views of the city. This open air atmosphere only adds to its power to connect to the city life around it.


One thought on “The Cashew: Adaptive Re-Use Bar in the Heart of Kansas City

  1. What a clever and fresh approach to adaptive re-use of the building, where the windows undoubtedly needed replacement. I will have to check this out! I wonder if there would be any buildings along Central Avenue that could take a similar approach. I know that DC has a few of these types of modifications at Dupont Circle. It’s always fun to walk past a ground floor space where you can see right into it, smell the food, hear the people having dinner–the sidewalk is animated by the interior and vice versa. Good find!


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