Starting Thought Process for Studio


Starting an outline of what I wanted to analyze, which then formed my three points of concentration for this project.


One thought on “Starting Thought Process for Studio

  1. This is nice to see your ideas being worked out and documented in a diagram. I might suggest bringing more focus on some of the things you discussed today: look at the assets of empty lots as potential growing spaces and pocket parks, Northrup Community Gardens as community engagement space and activating a public park (requiring less maintenance by Parks & Rec, and partnering with a non-profit organization to manage neighbors’ interests), Splitlog Farm (as community engagement space integrated into its neighborhood and as an extension of a school with after-school programming; turns a problem, abandoned lots, into an asset).

    Also, you mentioned a desire to engage the Butanese and/or Nepali communities through a corner store–with potential to encourage connections to garden produce and encouraging hub for these communities. It’s these sorts of ties to emerging economies that makes these ideas compelling. Where would the pocket park come into play? Could it be a space that is associated with a corner store to provide eating space and chance for cultures to mix? Sort of like what Joshua was hoping for at his farmers’ market? Tied to the new bike and pedestrian amenities we will be seeing along 10th Street?

    I think these things that you discussed today could nicely tie into your diagram above and build a nice synergy in your concepts you are starting to diagram.


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