Example: London

I visited London this summer, and I thought it was a great example of a walkable city. Quite honestly, all the cities that we visited in Europe were walkable, unlike over here where some cities arent designed in that way. I think that its a great city to look at, to see what they do and see what we can implement into Central Ave.


One thought on “Example: London

  1. I think that the main problem of American cities is that all have been made for the car. Even the typical pattern of the cities doesn’t engage to find another way to move. The CBD is right at the center, with other districts circling it and the suburbs with most of the housings are located at the limits of the city. And they are so wide-spread, okay the country has almost an entire continent so that makes room to build but how are you supposed to walk to your favorite place if it’s miles away IN THE SAME CITY without at least taking the bus?
    The car also seems to be the easy way, in Europe that’s another mentality. Some people would mostly rely on softer transports as bicycles. In the Netherlands the bicycle is part of the culture. Let’s not forget that the lands are for most part not leveled and modified for the car, it kept a natural topography not always easy for the car.
    Plus the European cities are not as rationalized as American ones, every functions are distributed everywhere in a city, like it’s always easy to walk to a café or some bakery in every city in France. There’s not so much distance to walk from the house to some shop, and people are so used to that that we have to think about distributing these facilities when rebuilding a neighborhood.
    The good side of American cities is that at one time some people had the possibility to imagine a city more ordered and readable but it can have its limits. Plus at that time, the car was synonym of future. Car is part of the American culture, like bike is part of the Dutch culture.


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